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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tips for helping your man learn to control himself


> Set your own limits

Don't throw a fit in the middle of an evening out. If you can't bear him drunkenly shouting "we are the champions" with his mates, don't join in or just don't join him! Nobody's forcing you to go beyond your limits.

If you're uncomfrtable, just let him know you've had enough and then go on home without a fuss.

> Your words count for a lot
As well as your usual instructions for him to "Stop stuffing yourself with burgers and pizzas else you'll end up obese!", take action as well!

Empty the freezer of all junk food and fill the fridge with chicken, courgettes and natural yogourts. "Repeatedly telling him that he'll get fat without you taking action will only serve to make your argument less credible," explains the psychotherapist.

> Stop taking a swipe at him in public
When he's on his 20th cigarette and 12th drink of the night, avoid talking down to him like a child in front of all his mates.

Wait until a quiet day when you're at home to calmly discuss things and make him accountable by asking him what he expects from you in this sort of situation.

> Find a balance
You could try come to an arrangement whereby he can do what he likes when he's with his mates but he keeps an eye on his watch, his liver and his lungs when you're with him.

For the issue of his spare tire, you'll have to use a different tactic. You could bang on about how amazing the new guy at work's abs are. It's a bit radical but it's a sure-fire way of getting him to do some sport and move on from being an eternal teenager to a dominant male.

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