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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tips for helping your man take responsibilities


> Stop protecting him
You're tempted to follow him out the door with his scarf, brolly or sun cream. Stop! To change roles, it's very simple:

Rather than worrying about what he's forgotten, put some lippy or hand cream in your handbag... anything girly will do, the point is to take care of yourself instead!

> Be a bit selfish
So once again he's forgotten everything, whereas you left the house with your gloves and sun cream (that damn changeable British weather!) but they're your belongings, not his.

Let's run through this again: a mother can be recognized by her sense of sacrifice and devotion. A wife/girlfriend can be a bit more mean. Get it?

"It might seem a bit harsh but remember that he's behaving like a child by testing your limits. In reality, he's counting on you giving in. By lending him your cream, you're agreeing wholeheartedly with his attitude," insists Marie-France de Coquereaumont.

> Accept him as he is is
He's a bit of a child, it's true, but it's highly unlikely that he only started acting this way since yesterday. "Stop trying to change him, that way you're giving him the opportunity to grow up," recommends psychotherapist Marie-France de Coquereaumont.

> Spice up the relationship
Stop acting like his mum, that's the first step. But do it now! Stop being so demanding and motherly and instead become sensual and turn him on. Give him the opportunity to protect and provide for you instead.

If you really want to give him his scarf, do so along with a sex dice game, a vibrating lipstick, strawberry condoms, etc. The goal is to surprise him and target the man in him, not the little boy. He might stll cling on to the bottom of your skirt... but with different intentions.


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