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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tips for helping your partner assume his role as father


> Put things in perspective
Instead of flying off the handle, see how sweet he is! After all, it was his childlike ways and crazy antics that you were attracted to in the first place. "Games are essential in a relationship, they open up the imagination and enable creativity," the psychotherapist reminds us.

> Get involved
Join in the fun while setting a boundary. How about re-enacting the scene where Spiderman confronts the villain... an opportunity for you to play Kirsten Dunst, his fiancée, and win him back. No longer are you his mother, you're a sexy creature who's in love! Florence Escaravage suggests: "Be clear about the tidying that you're all going to do together before dinner."

> Tell him how you feel
Instead of getting angry with him and criticizing him, try a more feminine but firm approach. While cuddled up in his arms, say something along the lines of: "It's strange, I often feel like I've been landed with the wrong role. I spend my time shouting and squaring them up while you get to have fun with them... Do you think we could look at somehow rebalancing the situation honey?"

> Hand over the reigns
The idea is to get him involved in the kids' teeth brushing or bedtime rituals, for example. "Resist the temptation to stick your nose in to make sure everything is going alright," warns Sarah Sériévic. At first, it might not go smoothly but it's not the end of the world.


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