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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tips for getting your man involved in organising your social life


> Accept the situation
Roles naturally get shared out in a relationship.

"If you've taken the role of organizer, it's most likely because you're comfortable with that role," points out psychoanalyst Marie-Laure Colonna. And he isn't.

Ask yourself if there really is an injustice before you have a go at him!

> Talk to him
It's a basic rule: when you take control over one area, it's rare for the change to come from him.

You're going to have to discuss things with him. Clearly tell him that you love the responsibility of being Events Manager but it's hard work doing it all the time. Doesn't he fancy giving it a go?

> Do nothing
Nature abhors a vacuum. If you stop taking care of this part of your relationship, it's likely that he'll take over. A few evenings with nothing to do should wake up his tribal instinct. Playing the "isn't it nice just the two of us watching Corrie on the telly" card should drive him to consult his address book to arrange a Wii party or drinks with your mates.

> Delegate
"Once you've got the message across, stop getting involved," says Sarah Sériévic. Don't change your tack by questioning him about the plans, or worse, calling Dave to check he's definitely bringing his Wii. Trust him.


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