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I'm tired of being his mum!
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Tips for dividing housework with your man


> Stop tidying up after him
"To get out of the spiral and stop cleaning up behind him, you need to make a real break," recommends relationship coach Florence Escaravage.

That doesn't mean leaving chaos to reign in your home. Dirty underwear, clothes, towels, old newspapers... gather them together and put them all in a bag or box and put that in an area of the house that's predominantly his.

Buy a washing-up bowl and do the same in the kitchen with his dirty pots and empty yogourt pots. Don't give in!

Eventually he will have to tidy up.

> Leave him an "anything goes" space
If he can't seem to live without disorder, perhaps he could have a dedicated space in which he's free to pile up as much clutter as he likes, provided that he doesn't clutter up the rest of the house.

> Don't lecture him
Lecturing him doesn't help and could make him feel as if you're treating him like a child. If you act like his mother, he might become even more stubborn and childlike. Florence Escaravage says: "Tell him "why" it bothers you and what it is you need in order to feel at home with him in your home sweet home".

> Make a plan
It might seem a bit strict at first but it can really change things. Ask yourselves "Who's doing what and when?"

It works well, provided that you divide the tasks according to preferences. So if he doesn't mind washing the pots and you hate it, hand the Marigolds to him while you do some tidying.

Don't, however, follow him round to make sure he's doing everything properly. That's worse than acting like his mother!


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