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Valentine's Day ideas for a very new relationship
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Valentine's Day ideas for a very new relationship

Katie says: Go small. Very small. Nothing says “I don’t get out much” like blowing $100 on an over-the-top gift for someone you’ve only just met.

Resist the urge to demonstrate your generosity and originality by having wild flowers flown over from the Austrian mountains and hand-woven into a bouquet that spells out your loved-one’s name - instead, spend under a fiver on something quirky and cool.

Like, their favourite song downloaded from iTunes burnt onto a CD and anonymously posted. Or a hand-drawn card (think light-hearted rather than slushy). Or tickets to go ice-skating together at an open-air rink.

wewomen says: It's so difficult to find a good Valentine's Day card for someone you haven't said the L word too yet. If you're not artistically minded or you can't face getting the glitter and pipe cleaners out, try where you can personalize cards and, as they're typed, send them out anonymously.

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