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Risks and limits of texting, text messages

Risks and limits of texting, text messages

What are the risks of text communication?
Because texts are so short and they're written, not spoken, they're very open to interpretation. Sometimes you can never be sure what the sender really meant. The shorter the text, the more we tend to read things into it. The big danger is taking things literally and worrying about what it could all mean. A simple "Miss U" could be interpreted as a reproach when it was meant to be a sign of affection. You read things into texts that aren't meant to be there.

What about breaking up via text à la Britney Spears and Kevin Federline? 
Well, you can just send a text saying "It's over," but if you think that's the end of it you're pretty deluded! Afterwards there'll be phone call after phone call, and you'll still need to give an explanation. Just as a text isn't enough to start a relationship, it isn't enough to end one. There has to be a proper dialogue. A break-up takes place step by step; a text could be the first step, but it's not enough. And it's a bit of a cop-out if you're trying to avoid dumping someone face to face! 

Can texts add spice to your sex life?
Yes, in the right circumstances! If it's going to work, it has to be spontaneous. When you've arranged a candle-lit dinner for two followed by a wild night of passion, the element of surprise will probably make your night more erotic than a forewarning!
A dirty text can be a bit intrusive for the other person if it's unexpected or if it's just not the right time. A cheeky text can be a lovely surprise and get the receiver in the mood, but it could also scare him off! If you're not actually in a relationship (and especially if you're on your first date!), it's better not to try anything too outrageous.

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WAN2TLK? ltle bk of txt msgs
Michael O'Mara Books 2000
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