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Mobile phones, texts, risky, lazy

Mobile phones, texts, risky, lazy

Marie, 30, manageress

Texts are lazy but I love getting them and there's no risk involved in texting. You send a wee message and if he doesn't reply you can think what you want, but it's not necessarily a definite refusal, whereas if you phone him either he doesn't call back or says no, and your pride is hurt. I really like getting a reply straight away, it means someone cares enough to reply straight away because it's me, and that's lovely. When I send a text I usually wait for a reply, and the faster I get it the happier I am! Texts are really useful in delicate situations. At the end of the holidays I sent my ex a bit of a searching text to ask him if he was around and he replied "Yeah, with my new girlfriend." I was disappointed, but I guess it was less humiliating than calling him only to find out he'd got a new girlfriend.


Sarah Horrocks
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