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Test: Which Valentine are you?

Fun-loving Valentine

Fun-loving Valentine
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Your personality:
You're dynamic and spontaneous and you love having a laugh with your other half. He's your best friend as well as your boyfriend. You're very close, tell each other almost everything, and have shared interests. To spice up your relationship, you use humour and the unexpected - it's the best way to get over upsets and look on the bright side. You like surprising him, giving him silly little presents and sharing private jokes. No-one gets bored when you're around!

Your ideal Valentine's Day:
There's no way you'll want to spend Valentine's Day in a packed-out restuarant full of cooing couples, so suggest a 100% hands-on night in where you have fun cooking a three course meal between you. Laughter and mayhem guaranteed! Need ideas? Check out our selection of recipes for inspiration and our guide to choosing wine!



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