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Test: Which Valentine are you?

Saucy Valentine

Saucy Valentine
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Your personality:
You're a bit of a rebel and you like to stand out from the crowd. You lead your life as you see fit and distance yourself from all that consumer nonsense. You hate being told what to do. You like being on the move, talking, going out and doing whatever you're in the mood for, in life and in love. You're very independent and men find it hard to handle you.

Your ideal Valentine's Day:
Valentine's Day is a real cliché for you. It's so commercial and people feel they have to prove their love for each other by buying expensive gifts. You usually boycott it! Well why not innovate this year and organize a romantic and intimate evening in, without spending a penny? Put your phone on silent, get undressed, tie a red ribbon round your waist (his gift is you!) and test out 7 of the best turn-ons or some Kama Sutra positions!



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