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What drives your relationship?

Competition: the driving force behind your relationship


Your priorities
Competing! You're both very proud and always want to do better than the other, from how much to earn to making the best spag bol or having the biggest circle of friends. You debate (and argue!) about everything and encourage conflict as it makes kissing and making up even better!

Your strengths
Competition makes your relationship lively and enriching. You feed off your arguments, use each other's ideas and learn a lot from each other. You have a fiery relationship and there's never a dull moment! 

Careful that you don't get stuck in a conflictual relationship that's based on rivalry: in the long term, it will wear you out. And be careful not to hurt each other's feelings when you clash. 

The secret to making your relationship last
Remember that respect is the basis of everything. Don't be over-aggressive when you talk, and give in from time to time to make him happy. Don't forget to tell him that you love him and let other people know how you feel about him. Five-minute squabbles are fine, but arguments that go on for days are not!



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