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What drives your relationship?

Social standing: the driving force behind your relationship


Your priorities
You could give Posh and Becks a run for their money in the golden couple stakes! You love each other but you also form a partnership with a single goal: self-promotion! Socially, aesthetically or professionally, you always want to give off the image of the perfect couple, hopelessly in love and blissfully happy. Whatever the topic of conversation (holidays, job, films...) you always have to have a whale of a time together. And you're genuinely just as interested in your partner's success as your own.

Your relationship's strengths
Because your partner contributes to your image, you encourage each other and can be a great support for one another. You define clear rules in your relationship which help you live in perfect harmony. When you do end up disagreeing, at least you don't make a scene out of it or start yelling at each other. You say what you need to say and then get on with it!

Potential roblems

Your need for status and recognition sometimes makes you forget the important things like sharing fun, intimate times. We all know that marriages of convenience often end in frustration and infidelity.

The secret to making it last
Take a step back from your image. You're just like any other couple: you have the right to argue, take it easy and put on a few pounds without feeling you have to live up to some sort of perfect ideal. Stop trying to fill your weekends and evenings with activities that supposedly enhance your social standing. Spend your Sunday afternoon watching trashy omnibuses on the TV if you feel like it - it's your life. 



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