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What drives your relationship?

Mutual support: the driving force behind your relationship


Your priorities
You both place a lot of importance on listening, sharing and communicating. Your relationship is like a protective cocoon and gives you the energy you need to face up to life and problems. You talk a lot, understand and support each other. You make a good match and you've built yourselves a little nest in which you feel sheltered and at ease. Tenderness, rituals and shared interests form the rhythm of your relationship. When you do clash (yes, it does happen now and then!) you never argue for long.

Your strengths
Solidarity that's as solid as a rock! If you've got a problem at work or had a row with a friend, you know that you can count on him to help you put things in perspective. Your relationship is a refuge from the annoyances and frustrations in life.

Potential problems
You could get stuck in an overly-dependent relationship, which is unbalanced and suffocating in the long term. Watch out that you don't regress and withdraw into your cocoon. Don't seek comfort in his arms instead of taking action, if you need to. 

The secret to making it last
Make some room in your life for other people. Tear yourselves away from each other and force yourself to spend more time with your friends, family and colleagues. Give yourself some time apart: you don't need to drag him along to the shops with you every time, and he could use the time to do things he wants to on his own. 



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