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What drives your relationship?

Sex: the driving force behind your relationship


Your priorities
Sex is the key to your union. Your relationship started off between the sheets and your sex life is what's keeping you together today. Neither of you could imagine a relationship without lust and passion - which, for the record, doesn't just mean sex! You love all of life's pleasures and you don't feel inhibited with each other. You share your fantasies and desires, with no holds barred. What goes on in the bedroom (and elsewhere!) makes you very close.

Your strengths
You know that if you want a relationship to last, you need more than just companionship. You put a lot of energy into keeping the flame of passion burning and spicing up your love life.

If one of you ever has low sex drive, it could be the beginning of the end. Before you know it, you could find yourself doubting your relationship. What would happen if you had a baby, for example, which often changes (although temporarily) a couple's sex life?

The secret to making it last
The problem with sex, especially arousal, is that it changes according to factors beyond our control (stress, tiredness, workload, etc). Try sharing other special moments together: going out for dinner, going to the cinema, going for walks in the park on a Sunday morning... Establish other little rituals that are longer-lasting and just as important!



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