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Spice up your sex life with seductive Christmas gifts

by Marie-Sarah Published on December 18, 2015

For many couples, the Holiday Season isn’t a very romantic time of year. All those family gatherings and visitors can certainly put a damper on your sex life!

To reverse this unfortunate reality, why not put some seductive gifts in his Christmas sock? Bonus: you’ll get as much out of them as he will! Maybe you won’t be able to use them right away if you have out-of-town guests, but isn’t anticipation half the fun?


Perfume for you, cologne for him. With a titillating note to stir his imagination, he will count the minutes until your guests leave every time he gets a whiff of you! Givenchy’s Very Irresistible Sensual, Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Thierry Mugler’s Alien are some of the most sensual fragrances for women, while those for men include Tom Ford’s Noir, Hermès’s Terre D’Hermès and Yves Saint-Laurent’s L’homme.

Erotic books

If he likes reading, why not give him an erotic book, which you can of course read when he’s done! Think Fifty Shades of Grey or, for a more original choice, Northern Heat: Best Canadian Erotic Romance Stories edited by Opal Carew.

If you’re thinking along the lines of a sex guide to add to your bag of bedroom tricks, Sex: How To Do Everything by sex columnists Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey is one of many titillating possibilities.

Massage candles

Why buy massage oil when massage candles deliver twice the pleasure: a romantic ambiance and candles that melt into moisturizing massage oils? The Séduction online store sells many such candles, including this one.

Sexy underwear

If you think his underwear leaves a little to be desired, now’s the time to correct his lack of fashion sense by giving him something that you will enjoy! While you’re at it, why not get him in the mood with some sexy lingerie of your own? Two Quebec companies, Sokoloff and Norwegian Wood, have a great selection.

Long-Distance romance

If either of you travel for business a lot, We Vibe Classic is a great way to compensate for all that time apart. This vibrator for couples can spice things up at home or on the road with a little help from your Smartphone!

Bath products

People often forget how romantic a hot bubble bath for two can be! Instead of your daily shower, take a few extra minutes to set the stage for romance with sexy bath products. You’ll find at great selection here, at LUV’s online boutique.

A romantic outing

Finally, if you can afford it, why not treat him to a night at a fancy hotel? There’s no better way to spice up your sex life than a change of setting. Just think of all the fun the two of you can have in that luxurious hotel room...

“So when is your family leaving again???”

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