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Signs that It's Time to Leave Him

by Laurence-Emmanuelle Bédard Published on April 15, 2015

Have you ever ended a relationship only to wonder how it could ever have begun? When one is head-over-heels in love, it is difficult to see things right-side-up, and we may realize too late that the relationship made no sense. As humans, we have the unfortunate habit of idealizing the things we want. But what are the signs that it is time to end a relationship?

1. Physical Violence

In a romantic relationship, there is a line that must never be crossed: that of physical violence. Whether it is a slap – because you got drunk one night – or it degenerates into chronic abuse, the trust is broken and you need to leave. If the person who should protect you and cherish you is the one who hurts you when everything is not rosy, he does not deserve to be part of your life.

Of course, no one is perfect. You can forgive and forget an isolated incident. But, as long as you are unable to forgive, your relationship will carry an open wound. And if this action were to be repeated, the only person you can blame is yourself. Yes you. Because you chose to stay in a toxic relationship. Physical abuse should never have a place in a relationship, whether the source is your partner or you (hitting your partner also counts as physical violence).

2. Your Relationship is Based on Sex

Sex is one of the ingredients of a lasting relationship. However, if the only thing keeping your relationship alive is physical attraction and sex, know that this can not last forever and that your relationship will probably come to an end faster than you think. However, if you don't seem to have any problems and are enjoying yourself, just take the time to question yourself and to ask your partner what he wants from your relationship. If your significant other is making long-term plans that include you and has deep feelings for you, the best thing to do would be to leave him or her. On the other hand, if you're on the same page and are enjoying your intimacy, all the better!

3. You're Living a Soap Opera

If your relationship reminds you of The Young and the Restless, and you are not an actress, it's time to pack it in! If your relationship is constantly unstable and you find yourself crying a lot because of your boyfriend/girlfriend, it's a sign that you're dating a hopeless drama-queen (unless that's you). Tired of the constant squabbles? Shouting matches about nothing? The same problems that always arise (legitimate or not)? Well, the only person you should blame: yourself! Stop making excuses and leave.

4. You're Going in Different Directions

It is not uncommon to find that, as time passes, you and your friends evolve differently. Your interests, your goals, and your plans change. If you feel that your partner may not be going in the same direction, you need to discuss it with him or her. It would be worse to stay with somebody pretending that things are going well, when you sense that the contrary is true.

The truth can hurt. That's just the way it is. It's not your fault; your partner needs to accept it. Staying with somebody with whom you can see no future is self-deceptive, and you will certainly wind up angering your partner, because you did not have the strength to do what was necessary: leave. Feeling guilty for not having the same feelings as before is another sign that it's over.

5. You Are No Longer Proud of Him

This can be difficult to address, but are you proud of the man with whom you are sharing your life? Are you constantly trying to find excuses for his personality traits that upset you? We need to be proud of our better halves. Think about it: would you present him to all your friends, family, and even your colleagues? If you do not want to let everyone know that you are together because he bugs you: he's not the one for you.

6. Infidelity Bites

Being betrayed does not have a positive side... unless this opens your eyes to a failing relationship. It is always very hurtful to find out that the person you love is deceiving you. Whether you want desperately to save the relationship or you simply cannot contain your anger – it's up to you to decide how to respond. Either you stay with your partner, constantly fearing a repetition of his infidelity or you find someone who can appreciate you for your worth.

It may be that it is you who are tempted to look elsewhere. This means that you need to change, but you are too cowardly to leave your boyfriend. Our remedy for all cheaters: celibacy!

7. You No Longer Want Him

You are no longer attracted to your boyfriend or you feel that you are having a relationship with a cousin? Do you avoid sex because you no longer feel like it? Or is it he who no longer seems to desire you? If either you or your partner no longer shows a sexual desire: first try to determine whether it may be due to medical causes. Sexual relations have their ups and downs. However, if the trend continues, then your love has burned out.

8. A Constant Lack of Respect

Does your partner disrespect you? Does he keep his word? Does he make hurtful jokes about you? There is a difference between teasing and disrespect. Put your foot down and make it clear to your boyfriend that this attitude is unacceptable. If your partner constantly makes you feel bad, in whatever way, you have no reason to stay in the relationship. You deserve someone who loves you for whom you are and makes you feel good about yourself.

9. You Are Reading This Article

Doubt is a part of all human relations. Whether concerning your friends, your colleagues, or your boyfriend, it's normal to question things. However, are you wondering whether you should end your relationship as you read this article? If that is the case, do it! When you find true love, you know it. If you are not certain if you are with the right person, it's probably because you aren't. Leave your partner as soon as you feel ready (as long as it doesn't take months), get your emotions together, and look for love with a capital L.

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