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Separate Beds: Could you benefit from sleeping apart?
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Marianna Davey - co-founder of The British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association
“If you think about the decibel level of snoring," explains Marianne, "it can range from 50 decibels up to 100 decibels. 100 decibels is the equivalent of having a motorbike roaring in your ear so just by going next door into the spare room, it is not going to be sufficient for the rest of the household to sleep through that noise.


For us, building an extension so Allen could sleep well away was the only solution. At the time we couldn't resolve the snoring and we were desperate. We didn’t want anything else to go wrong in the relationship so the only option was to sleep in separate areas of the house.”


The long-term effects of disturbed sleep impacted seriously on Marianne's health.

“I was actually quite ill for quite some time," she admits "as the snoring went on for around 15 years before we found the right control device for Allen.


I suffered badly with gastro-intestinal problems, anxiety and nausea apart from the sleep deprivation and was tired all of the time. Additionally, I always had headaches and couldn't concentrate.

Surprisingly, all of that does not go away on the first snore-less night because you are so conditioned to wait and listen for it to begin. It probably takes six months to one year to get your sleeping pattern back to normal.


Even finding a way to control the snorning is not a quick and easy fix, so I can understand how other partners feel about it. It impacts upon absolutely every aspect of your life and it is only perhaps a year later when the snoring has stopped and you are back to normal that you realize how bad you felt at the time.

It is understandable how relationships break up because of snoring.”


Julie Penfold
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