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Separate Beds: Could sleeping apart improve your health and your relationship?

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 - Separate Beds: Could sleeping apart improve your health and your relationship?
Not sleeping with your partner could actually be good for you. JULIE PENFOLD reports.

Is sleeping in separate beds the healthy option?

Yes, according to sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley who recommends that couples should consider sleeping apart for the good of their health and their relationship.
Studies revealed at the British Science Festival found that over 50% of couples suffer more sleep disturbances if they share a bed.

For those sleep deprived on a regular basis, being robbed of rest can become a serious problem - causing health problems while also having a devastating effect on the relationship.

“Getting a good night’s sleep is absolutely essential." says The Sleep Council, "No relationship is going to benefit if couples are tired, bad-tempered and stressed out. It is not just about the inevitable tiredness that follows poor sleep; it can affect mood, concentration, judgment and reduce your ability to fight off minor ailments."

In fact continued lack of sleep can increase the risk of all sorts of other health issues from weight problems, to heart disease and diabetes. If your partner keeps you awake through the night or interrupts your sleep then perhaps you could benefit from sleeping apart.

And you shouldn't let the social assumptions that go along with opting for nocturnal separation hold you back. “There is absolutely no shame in opting for separate bedrooms or separate beds if that is what works for you and keeps the relationship alive and happy,” says The Sleep Council.


Julie Penfold
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