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Turn off the television, switch off the telly

Turn off the television, switch off the telly

"What did you do last night?" 
"Nothing much, we watched a bit of telly."

You've said it yourself hundreds of times! Even if you haven't done "nothing", you feel a bit ashamed to have wasted the evening vegging out in front of the TV. That little black box in the corner is a great way of escaping, but it can also become a trap, especially if you have one in your bedroom! Turning on the TV can end up turning off your sex life. Switching it on is a reflex, and with the background noise you can't have a proper conversation.

We're not suggesting that you sell your TV, but at least make an effort to reduce or adapt your 
viewing. One idea is to choose a program and create an event out of it. For example, the 58th repeat of Dances with Wolves or the latest awards ceremony could be a nice occasion for a little party: get a takeaway in, dig out a dinner tray and a bottle of wine, and make the most of an evening of TV with dinner.

Instead of automatically watching TV, do something different: go to the cinema or theatre, go out for a drink or watch a match. You share the experience more and do things as a couple. It's actually surprising how easy it is to drag yourself away from the TV!


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