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Sleep separately, sleep apart, separate bedrooms

Sleep separately, sleep apart, separate bedrooms

The idea might seem absurd but sleeping apart could be the secret to a relationship that lasts. It certainly appeals to a lot of American lovers, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who are rumoured to have this arrangement. A study led by the National Association of Home Builders* forecasts that more than 60% of homes will have two rooms per couple by 2015.

Living in a society that's more and more centred on the individual, it's easy to explain this "home-sleeping-alone" syndrome where each partner guards their privacy jealously and has their own space. But that's not the only cause! If you've never slept next to a snorer, you can't begin to understand what some women go through. In 2001, a study led by Passion For Life Healthcare revealed that 31% of snorers thought that their snoring had a negative effect on their relationship. So in an effort to save their relationship, some choose to sleep in separate rooms.

Aside from the practical aspect, this solution can offer some romantic advantages. Imagine the sound of his footsteps outside your door, a warning that he's about to enter your bedroom. The creaking of floorboards means a night of passion, without squabbling over who gets the duvet afterwards.
Your bedroom becomes a place of pure pleasure and affection again, where you meet to share your love.

Of course, such an arrangement does require a minimum of space and it's not easy if you live in a one-bedroom flat! So just experiment and do what you can. If you have the means, perhaps you could book a room in a B&B for a night (together or apart), sleep at a friend's house once a week, create a sleeping corner in the living room, etc - anything that breaks up your routine a bit.

*Source: BBC News (12th March 2007)


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