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Couples and common interests, share an activity, passion

Couples and common interests, share an activity, passion

Obviously, you already do lots of things together: the weekly trek to the supermarket, Sunday lunch with the in-laws, parents' evening at school. But what about activities that you really find enjoyable? Do the two of you share moments of happiness while queuing at the check-out? No, didn't think so. It's time to remedy this, simply by learning to have fun as a twosome.

Choose an activity that you both enjoy and that you're both at the same level at. There's no point in joining a tennis club if he's seeded but you can't get the ball over the net. It'll end in frustration and annoyance! 

You might be surprised: taking dance classes together could save your relationship! Not only will you perfect salsa steps to impress your friends with; you'll also be in physical contact with your partner.
If your other half really can't stomach the idea, don't force him into it and find something else: an introduction to wine course, gardening, world cuisine, jogging on a Sunday morning, biking...

The idea is to have fun spending time together. Group activities give you the opportunity to support each other, show off your hidden talents, and then, in private, laugh about how bad some of the others are! Even better, why not meet at the place itself rather than going there together? That way it will feel as if you're meeting up with your lover...just like the first time!


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