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Mystery in a relationship, intimacy


The habits and intimacy that are part and parcel of living together can lead to letting yourself go a little: you go to the loo with the door open while you talk to him about the day you've had, you talk with your mouth full, you wax your legs while he's watching football, slap on your anti-aging cream in front of him...what happened to the temptress you used to be?!

Let him use his imagination by not revealing all of your little habits! If you like to wander round the house starkers, do your housework or read the paper in the buff, cover up! You're trivializing your nudity and almost de-eroticizing your body. There's nothing more stimulating than the power of suggestion. Keep all your beauty rituals to yourself and confine them to the intimacy of your bathroom. You'll incite his curiosity more that way.


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