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How to handle her

How to handle her

It's tough when female hormones are involved, and she's obviously all over the place emotionally. You don't want to lose her as a friend, but at the same time you need to tell her to stop. When she starts playing up, don't make a scene. Call her the next day, act confused and apologetic and say your boyfriend was really taken aback and felt uncomfortable yesterday because he thought she was trying to come on to him...

Once she knows you're onto it and he isn't interested, she'll probably calm down. Make sure you tell him you've spoken to her and whatever you do, don't act jealous: best to laugh it off. If she carries on flirting with him and he's not exactly pushing her away, time to rethink both your friend and your relationship, because nothing good will come of either!

Your jealous best friend can be won over if you spend more time with her - but avoid doing things as a threesome at all costs! Make time to spend with her together or with other friends you have in common, but not with him. She has to understand that you have the right to spend time with him, but that you'll also make time for her too. Remind her that she doesn't have to like your boyfriend but that she should at least try and get on with him. Why not get your boyfriend to introduce him to his gorgeous single friends...you never know, it might change her opinion of him!


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