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Relationship resolutions

Six relationship resolutions to stick to...


The Ghost of Christmas Past

No matter how smitten you are with each other, there’s always the spectre of the ex-girlfriend just waiting to chuck a spanner in the works.

It’s natural to feel defensive if he’s still on good terms with his ex, but telling him who he can and can’t see will only make you feel like his jailer.

Resolution #1 - Get over his ex

As relationship expert Jean Smith points out, "The worst thing to do is to make a big scene. Appear nonchalant and cheery, even if it's forced." This way you come across as secure and understanding, rather than clingy and anxious.

And according to divorce lawyer Marilyn Stowe, you’ve probably got nothing to worry about anyway.

"The relationship between your partner and your partner’s ex ended." He says, "The opportunities to reconcile were there. It didn’t happen. So don’t let yourself get carried away imagining something that, in my professional experience, rarely happens - if ever!"

So long as he’s not on the phone to her every five minutes, it’s probably not a big deal.


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