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Relationship resolutions

Temper, temper…


Temper, temper

Inevitably, you’re bound to run into problems from time to time, no matter how perfect you are for each other.

The trick is to iron out the kinks without battering him over the head with the iron. Timing is crucial.

Resoution #6 - Argue like adults

"If the two of you are chilling out on a Sunday afternoon, both people are relaxed," says Jean Smith. "It's easier then to not let tension and adrenaline worsen the situation."

Show him you’ve got both of your best interests at heart, rather than make him feel like he’s facing a firing squad.

"If your partner can feel like you are addressing the issue from a loving place, rather than being accusatory, the conversation will be more productive."

We know we’re a frustrating bunch. Just take a few breaths, and try your level best not to throttle us.


George Wales
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