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Relationship resolutions

Ships in the night


Ships in the night

You know the drill. What with work, friends and family, you’ve barely seen each other in days.

And just as you’re envisaging a cozy night in together, he tells you he’s had a night on the town planned for weeks.

Now, whilst it may seem cathartic to sling a well-aimed stiletto at his crotch, some more constructive measures can stop things getting to this point.

Resolution #5 - Set your expectations together

"Having set expectations," says Jean Smith, "helps to make sure both partners are on the same page.

"If you expect to be together four times a week and he expects just twice, then it's time to have a discussion and compromise."

Obviously you don’t want anything as mechanical as a timetable, but if you’re not seeing enough of him, it’s better to have a conversation than a sulk.

He’s probably just as keen to see you, so decide to save yourselves some time each week and make it happen.


George Wales
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