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Relationship resolutions

Irritating Habits


Irritating Habits

Sadly, we chaps have all got them, hard-wired into our genetic makeup like a manufacturer’s fault on a new toaster.

You could send us back, but you’d only end up with another, equally useless model.

Not only that, but we don’t like having to change, so if you want to get us mended you need to tread carefully.

Resolution #2 - Forgive his faults

(...then teach him the error of his ways)

Relationship expert Keren Smedley agrees: "It’s a tricky one, but the best thing is to sit down and have a chat about those niggly irritations you both have with each other."

Giving him a chance to air his grievances will seem a lot less like you’re giving him a lecture.

Also, while you don’t want to come off like his Mum, it’s no good stomping around in a silent rage, as he’ll never work out what it’s about on his own.

As Jean Smith says,"”Hrumph”s and “tsk”s don't always translate accurately."

Most of us can be domesticated quite easily. It just takes some gentle prodding, rather than the full hairdryer treatment.


George Wales
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