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Relationship resolutions


 - Relationship resolutions
Relationship resolutions

Traditionally, the New Year’s resolution is born out of the guilt of living like a Roman emperor for most of December.

You’ve just spent a month consuming your bodyweight in chocolate, so naturally the well-worn promises to eat less, drink less and exercise more seem the right way to go.

However, since the only way to get through a miserable British January is by doing precisely none of those things, most of us don’t get much further than the first week before buckling.

If you can't seem to kick the booze and you've so far only thought about a morning jog (is it still the thought that counts after Christmas?) don't be too hard on yourself.

How about some resolutions that are slightly easier to keep and will perk your relationship up no end! There's no time like January to have lots of long lie ins and early nights...

If you’re sick of stumbling from one blazing row to another, a few relationship resolutions could be in order.  We've asked three relationship experts to help us to define the six most important relationship resolutions you should make this year!

Think of them as little pre-emptive strikes against the most common relationship stumbling blocks, to ensure that whilst it might be a bit grim outside, it’ll still be paradise at home...


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