Relationship advice: How to react when he disappoints you
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Relationship advice: What to do when he disappoints you

Relationship advice: What to do when he disappoints you

He‘s always out with ‘the boys’

When two people enter a relationship, they suddenly find they have to change their behaviour from ‘single’ to ‘committed.’ Often at least one half of the couple will try and cling onto their single life, which can lead to problems and inequalities.

Don’t say: “I expect you to spend at least 3 nights a week with me!” Again, laying down rules doesn’t work. He will feel trapped, and frankly giving him a quota of time he must spend with you will lead to you two being unhappy together rather than apart.

Do say: “I love that you’ve got your own social life, but it’d be great if we could do something special this week, your choice.”

Put the ball in his court. Giving him control of the time you spend together (at least this time around) will let him know you trust him, and you’re happy.

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