Relationship advice: How to react when he disappoints you
Relationship advice: Dealing with his ex

Relationship advice: Dealing with his ex

He brings up his ex...all the time

It’s a fact of life that exes get mentioned in relationships. After all, it would be weird if you never discussed your past, as it had a big part in making you who you are today.

But when exes get mentioned repeatedly, you are well within your rights to feel annoyed or even upset.  Maybe he’s not over her, or maybe he’s just testing you, but blowing up at him isn’t the answer.

Don’t say: “If you mention her name again, it’s over!” Ultimatums rarely work, nor do absolutes. And unfortunately banning something makes it even more intriguing.

Do say: “Hearing you talk about xxx makes me feel uncomfortable. Is there a reason why you bring her up?”

Approaching any conversation in an adult way usually results in an adult response.  If he doesn’t realize what he’s doing, this should make him think a bit more. And if he does, this may at least extract an explanation from him.

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