Relationship advice: How to react when he disappoints you
Relationship advice

Relationship advice

He’s late for something important

Maybe he’s promised to take you out for a meal to celebrate your anniversary and he’s not back from work yet, or perhaps he’s meant to be meeting your parents and he’s not showed up. Whatever the situation, if you’re a stickler for punctuality there’s nothing that’ll disappoint you more.

Don’t say: “I can’t believe you did this! This is totally unacceptable!” For one thing, if this is the first time he’s been late for you, give him a break, it happens to everyone. Even if he has been late before, going off on a rant won’t help and will probably just put a cloud over the whole night.

Do say: “I’ve noticed we’re often late for things, what can we do to change that?” This response puts the onus on both of you to solve the issue.

It’s not about HIS lateness, or HIS forgetfulness, it’s about tackling things as a couple. You probably won’t feel like it should be your responsibility too – after all, you may be pretty punctual – but bite the bullet on this one.

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