Relationship advice: How to react when he disappoints you
Relationship advice

Relationship advice

He never picks up the phone

Women are more outwardly emotional creatures than men, and we generally prefer to have a good ol’ natter over the phone, rather than exchanging endless texts or emails.

But, if you find your man prefers to drop a quick text rather than pick up the phone you might feel let down. Maybe you’re worried you’re dealing with a shy guy or that he’s simply not that into you.

Don’t say: “Why don’t you call me?” This will instantly make him go on the defensive, and will  probably make him even less likely to call you. As we all know, but fail to remember, pressuring someone to do something rarely works.

Do say: “I love hearing your voice”: This is a much more softly, softly approach, and flatters his ego a little. Hopefully it’s even true! When he does call, tell him you miss him, and make sure you reinforce how much you’ve enjoyed speaking to him on the phone.

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