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How to tell your partner he's not made you orgasm
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How to tell your partner he's not made you orgasm

Relationship advice: orgasms

If, every now and then, you don't reach orgasm, there's no point telling him every time. Orgasms aren't the only way to gauge pleasure so don't go putting doubts in his head when it's not necessary. But if he asks you and this time was one of those when you didn't reach dizzy heights, be sure to choose your words carefully so you don't damage his already fragile man-ego.
Best avoided
Steer clear of: "making him doubt his manliness through uncalled-for comments or through a lack of communication, or making him feel guilty by holding him responsible for your lack of orgasm," warns Jean-Paul Benglia.
Best way forward
We know orgasming isn't the only way we can enjoy sex. This is one game where it really is the taking part that counts. He won't be able to relate to that though, so explain that like boxing, you don't need a "knock out" to win. Still a "knock out" is the best way to win so why not explore ways to make that happen together? Tell him what he can do to get you there.

"It's better to talk about it there and then, after the lovemaking in question, rather than after some time has gone by, otherwise he might think it's a taboo subject," says Jean-Paul Benglia.

"Try to reply to his question in a laid-back way, making comparisons with the last time you had an orgasm with him. Use the opportunity to let him know about all the things he's doing right. "

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