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Bringing up the subject of marriage with your partner
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Bringing up the subject of marriage with your partner

Relationship advice: I want to get married

After several months or years living together, you're seriously thinking about moving things up a notch and you keep dreaming about getting engaged, getting married and having kids.. Sandy (31) tells us: "I can't think of anything else, but I'm afraid he'll get scared if I bring it up… "

Admittedly, this is dangerous ground and you should tread with caution, but there's no point keeping it to yourself for months on end, you have the right to share your future plans.
Best avoided
Don't give him an ultimatum: just the thought of getting engaged might be enough to bring him out in a cold sweat, so don't add to your list of demands. By adopting such an aggressive approach, you'll transform what's supposed to be an exciting decision (for both of you) into a power struggle.
Best way forward
"You don't always need to be serious in tone when talking about deep and meaningful issues," says Philippe Geffroy. "Why not bring the subject up in an unexpected, light-hearted sort of way?"

Francis Cautain suggests you tell your partner what an excellent husband or great dad he would make: a diplomatic way of getting the message across.

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