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Dealing with your boyfriend's annoying best mate
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Dealing with your boyfriend's annoying best mate

Relationship advice: his best mate

Of course you have the right not to like the guy, but your boyfriend is also completely within his rights to carry on being mates with him. How can you tackle the problem without causing a fight?
Best avoided
You don't like it when he criticizes your friends? Well it works both ways. First off, don't let the friend in question know that he gets on your nerves. Instead, discuss things with your partner, just the two of you. Avoid attacking his mate's personality, nobody's asking you to become his best mate too.
Best way forward
"Make do with speaking about what bothers you about this friendship, in relation to your relationship. Explain how the friend makes you feel.", says Philippe Geffroy.

To do that, you need to identify the problem. For Mandy (29), it was the use of foul language in front of her children that irritated her: "I asked my boyfriend to ask his mate to make an effort to use less colourful language in front of our girls".

It might be a case of asking them to meet up at different times, putting a limit on his mate's impromptu visits to the house, or even asking the pair of them to go elsewhere when they want to hang out together.

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