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How to handle a man who won't part with his money
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How to handle a man who won't part with his money

Relationship advice: stingy boyfriend

It's not fun dealing with a Scrooge on a daily basis and it can lead to problems in the relationship as it creates resentment, frustration and dissatisfaction. You first need to bring up the subject but be careful: it's a minefield.
Best avoided
"Generally speaking, a stingy person has a fear of waste," explains Francis Cautain, "and they express this insecurity by attempting to control all their expenses." Don't try to get him to admit to being stingy, the problem is much deeper than it seems.
Best way forward
Isabelle (41), who is in a relationship with a 'cheapskate', has found a way to get her message across: "From time to time, I bring home some fancy cakes or an expensive bottle of wine, or I insist that we go to the cinema. Forcing him to enjoy himself with some nice food and drink or a good film makes him realize, without saying as much, that it's sometimes worth spending a bit of money."

Bella (30), got the message across in a different way: 'We agreed we'd both have steak for tea. I bought myself a nice organic steak and he bought cheap value bit of meat for him. They were identical weights when we cooked them but when we came to eat, his had shrunk to about half its size and tasted of cardboard, mine was luscious and juicy and full. He's agreed to spending a bit more on a meat budget since. Men need proof sometimes.'

Francis Cautain recommends "trying to find out what happened in his past that led to this insecurity, and see how you can provide him with the help he needs." 

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