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Dealing with a partner who's put on weight
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Dealing with a partner who's put on weight

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Emma (31) shares her story: "He started putting on weight when we moved in together. I never said anything as I didn't want to offend him but now, I just don't see him in the same way I used to and I even find it difficult touching him like I did before…"

An inoffensive little roll of fat can lead to real unease. When one person lets themself go, it can quickly change the way the other person sees them. Be brave enough to bring up the subject, but do so very gingerly.
Best avoided
Don't criticize him: "you're fat", "you've let yourself go", "you don't do any exercise anymore". Imagine these same words coming out of his mouth but aimed at you. Would that really motivate you to go to the gym?
Best way forward
"Lead the discussion towards your own desires," suggests Francis Cautain. "Tell him that you're more attracted to the 'red-blooded animal' in him rather than the pie-eating man. He'll soon understand that it's in his best interests to make a few little changes."

For mutual benefit, why not suggest some sort of deal e.g. "If you lose half a stone, I'll wear skirts more often", or arrange to go running together once a week. Make it a challenge, take on a 5k run or a 10k walk together.

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