Relationship advice: communication in relationships
How to tell your partner you're unsure of your future together
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How to tell your partner you're unsure of your future together

Relationship advice: doubts about the relationship

For a few weeks, or maybe a few months, you've been racked by doubt about your feelings and your future together. If you keep quiet, you're probably going to be left unsatisfied. So bring the subject up but choose your words carefully in order to start up a constructive discussion and not a war of words.
Best avoided
Let him know about your doubts, yes, but don't unburden yourself on him. Try to analyze your uncertainties beforehand. Don't use a passive tone ("I've got doubts, I don't know  what to do? What do you think we should do?") because faced with such a vague request and having no real insight into your feelings, how can he possibly deliver adequate solutions?
Best way forward
Put your doubts in a positive light, in other words, make him understand that if you want to share these doubts with him, it's because your relationship is important to you and you want to give it your best shot. And also, if you're brave enough to talk about it, it's because you know he'll listen.

"If your partrner struggles to talk about the issues of love and emotion, you could suggest going to see a relationship counsellor together", says Francis Cautain.

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