Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Valentine's romantic trips away
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Valentine's romantic trips away

Ben, 30, engineer, Lancaster
I made Claire believe that I was taking her to Manchester to meet my parents. Right up until the last minute, I didn't say anything to her. We left for the train station and it wasn't until she insisted on seeing the tickets that she realized we were heading for Manchester Airport station and not Manchester Central. I saw her face light up and it soon became clear that she was rather more taken by a trip to Paris than a trip to meet my parents!

Sophie, 27, receptionist, Oxford
Just before dinner, he slipped a train ticket to Edinburgh under my napkin. When I found it, I started crying. I'm far too emotional! Even though Edinburgh's not renowned for being a romantic city, I found it really touching!

Amy, 28, architect, London
The day before Valentine's Day, Mark announced that he was taking me to Eurodisney for the weekend! So cute! He knows that I love cartoons and that I'd always wanted to go to Eurodisney. We had a wonderful time!

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