Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Giving birth and falling pregnant on Valentine's Day
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Giving birth and falling pregnant on Valentine's Day

Georgina, 28, nursery assistant, Newcastle
I got married to Tom four years ago. For two years, we tried in vain for a baby. We tried all the methods possible but nothing! Therefore, we decided to adopt. We spent several months researching, we were desperate to start a family. The wait was long and difficult but I felt better in myself because I knew that we were finally going to have a child.

Weeks went by and one day, the 14th of February, I happened to be looking in my diary when I realized something wasn't right. I realized that I hadn't had a period for five weeks. I rushed to the chemist's to buy a pregnancy test and a few minutes later, I got the result: it was positive! I couldn't get my head round it. All I know is that it was the best day of my life!

Jennifer, 30, florist, Chester
Three years ago on the 14th of February, I went into hospital to give birth to my son Edward. He weighed 6 and a half pounds and was completely bald. My husband and I had two special moments to celebrate that day: our love for each other and the birth of our son. I was on cloud nine!

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