Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Arguing on Valentine's Day
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Arguing on Valentine's Day

Alison, 21, student, Loughborough
Matt and I hadn't planned anything special for Valentine's Day last year. We sat down on the sofa for a chilled out evening. He started talking about something which really wound me up. I started gesticulating and, without meaning to, I stuck my finger in his eye. He cried out in pain and told me he couldn't see anything. I panicked and picked up the phone to ring for an ambulance. He grabbed my arm to let me know he was joking. It might seem stupid but I've never been so frightened in my life.

Sally, 33, dentist, Birmingham
Last year on Valentine's Day, Simon walked in very pleased with himself: he had a present for me! I quickly ripped open the wrapping paper and discovered a heart-shaped teddy bear! I'd already seen it in the shops a few days earlier and I'd pitied the poor girl who'd be receiving one of those... On top of that, he'd wrapped it in some hideous multi-coloured paper. I still can't believe it. He could have made a bit of an effort!

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