Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Unfaithfulness on Valentine's Day
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Unfaithfulness on Valentine's Day

Christina, 30, mum of three, Eastbourne
At the end of Februarty 2008, I was going through my mail. On my husband Paul's bank statement I noticed he'd used his card for a £200 transaction in a perfume shop, dated the 13th of February. It was obvious that it wasn't for me because I never received this gift on St Valentine's Day! It was at this moment that I realized he was cheating on me. He'd only been seeing a childhood friend for the last two months. We're now divorced.

Andrew, 27, web designer, London
I'd decided to go home a bit earlier than planned to surprise Lucy and take her to a restaurant. I got home to find her naked on our bed with her legs wrapped round a stranger. In the end, it was me who got the biggest surprise of all!

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