Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Being dumped on Valentine's Day
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Being dumped on Valentine's Day

Emily, 35, teacher, Cambridge
The other year, my husband left for work as usual on Valentine's Day. I sent him a text telling him I love him but I didn't get a reply. Surprised, I sent him a second one asking "What's up?". He replied with: "We need to talk". I couldn't wait until the evening so I rang him straightaway.

I badgered him into telling me what was wrong and he finally confessed that he didn't feel anything for me anymore. i couldn't take in what he was saying. I hung up and started throwing his stuff in a suitcase.

He came home late that evening and told me that I shouldn't blame myself for anything, and that I was a perfect wife. What a thing to say! After telling the children that he was going away for a while, he left and never came back.

Laura, 22, student, Warwick
At the time, I was going out with Luke. For Valentine's Day, I prepared a surprise for him: I ran a bath with his favourite bubble bath, sprinkled false rose petals over the bed and placed candles everywhere. I skipped my last lecture so I could prepare it all. But just before 8pm, the time when he was due home from work, I received a text message: he wanted to end our relationship. I was in complete shock! I've hated Valentine's Day ever since.

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