Your real-life stories: unforgettable Valentine's Days
Anti-Valentine's Day stories
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Anti-Valentine's Day stories

Maria, 26, press officer, London
All of the girls at the office were complaining about how commercial and pointless Valentine's Day is. Because of that, I daren't mention the romantic plans me and my boyfriend had made, as I didn't want them thinking I was soppy. But then a courier arrived at the office with a beautiful bouquet of 45 red roses for me! I could see their faces, they were green with envy. I didn't say anything but I was gloating inside!

Julie, 30, librarian, Manchester
Which Valentine's day won't I ever forget? Last year's when my boyfriend decided he'd rather go out for some beers with his bachelor mates than spend the evening with me. Charming...

Milly, 22, unemployed, Gloucester
Tom and I never liked Valentine's Day much but at the last minute, we decided it might be nice to go out for dinner anyway. Unfortunately, we'd left it too late and all the tables were booked wherever we tried. After almost an hour trying to find a restaurant, we finally ended up at our local chippie! The smell of grease, the neon lights and the music videos playing on the TV... not a Valentine's I'll forget about anytime soon!

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