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My cheating other half: Your stories
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Forgiving an unfaithful partner


Laura, 28, actress  

Two and a half years ago, my boyfriend Seb went through a really tough time when his aunt, who brought him up, fell ill. She was in hospital for months and every day we were faced with the reality that she might not be there tomorrow. Eventually she turned the corner, started to get better and came out of hospital right as rain. We threw a massive party to celebrate. Seb wanted to go on to a nightclub, but I headed home to bed because I had to be up early for work the next day. He came back in the small hours and we barely saw each other in the morning. When I got home that evening he was waiting at the door for me...

"Spare me the details"
Without beating around the bush or putting bells on, he told me that he'd been unfaithful with some girl he met in the club. I didn't want to know the gory details or how far they went. But I knew straight away that I'd forgive him. He didn't try and hide it, lie or even justify what he'd done. He was totally honest. I thought things through and realized that after months of stress he needed release and that was why he did it. It had nothing to do with our relationship. Of course I was hurt and angry. At first I struggled to understand, but I decided to give him a second chance. Everything's been fine since, and we're really happy together.

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Sarah Horrocks
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