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My cheating other half: Your stories
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Double life: waiting for him to decide


Freya, 38, restaurant manager

Greg and I went through everything in our battle to have a child. After going through IVF and all sorts of treatment, we had our little girl, but she was very ill when she was born. I had to take care of her alongside my full-time job, and I had very little time to myself. I let myself go, stopped caring what I wore and what my hair looked like, and piled on the pounds. Greg used to say "You could make a bit of an effort with yourself," but he never really insisted. Our daughter got better enentually, but I still had lots of work on. Greg and I didn't talk much, but we didn't fight either....and then one day a friend told me: "’I saw Greg arm-in-arm with another woman in the street."

That night when Greg got home I broached the subject straight away, hoping there'd be some harmless explanation, but he admitted he'd been seeing someone else for months. I burst into tears and just kepy saying: "How could you do this to me? We love each other…" I told him it was her or me, but he said it was too soon for him to decide and that he wanted to think things through rather than breaking up the family. So I agreed to give him time. Now he spends alternate nights and weekends with me and her. I don't want to give him another ultimatum because I'm scared he won't come back. Everyone tells me I'm crazy, but I don't know what to do. This has gone on for six months now and I can't take it any more. 

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Sarah Horrocks
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