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More sex, less housework?
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Evolution of our image of housework


The most surprising finding from this study is that men and women no longer, or hardly ever, consider housework as a chore (honest!). Doing the shopping, cooking and cleaning have become habits for many, and a way of making sure that the person you live with is happy at home. It's logical at a time when home and family values are fundamental values. Now if only we could put our good intentions into practice!

In some countries, however, the issue of sharing the housework has taken on legal dimensions. In Spain in 2005, then in Ireland more recently, laws have been introduced that make housework a legal requirement for men. If a husband refuses, it can be grounds for divorce! The results are less than encouraging though. A recent study* on the division of household tasks around the world shows that in Spain, two years after the introduction of this law, women still carried out 70% of the housework.

*study published in the Journal of Familiy Issues, August 2007


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