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More sex, less housework?
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How housework is shared in the UK


> In the UK, according to the Time Use Survey (2005), women do the majority of the housework: 92% of women do housework, spending an average of 180 minutes on it per day, compared with 77% of men (101 minutes per day).

> As for the division of tasks, a poll commissioned by Bosch in 2007 found that women do over 80% of the washing and ironing, almost three-quarters of the dusting, cleaning, bedmaking and cooking, plus almost two-thirds of the hoovering and shopping. The one thing that men do as much as women is take the rubbish out.

> So where does this lead us? According to a survey conducted in September 2008 by Zoflora, half of Britons argue about housework at least once a week. To get their partner to help, a fifth of women are prepared to get angry and a sixth moan. Interestingly, 8% promise to sleep with their partner if he lends a hand!


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