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More sex, less housework? Sharing household tasks

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 - More sex, less housework? Sharing household tasks
Fed up with moaning that you're always the one who does the dishes? Always arguing because he never does his fair share of the housework? We know exactly where you're coming from!

According to a new American study, the good news is that the answer to getting him to help you in the house is...get him into bed more often! The study found that couples had a better sex life if the man helped out with the housework.

"It  could be that women are less tired if they get a helping hand at home, so they have more energy to dedicate to their partner," notes Council on Contemporary Families psychologist Joshua Coleman. "But it could also be that men are more eager to lend a hand if they're more fulfilled."

It's a classic case of the chicken or the egg...but it certainly offers a fresh perspective on the "Who's doing the pots/shopping/cleaning today?" debate, which causes issues for so many couples. 

*Council on Contemporary Families.



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Article Plan More sex, less housework?

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