Long distance relationship advice - is he worth it?
Are you putting in the same amount of effort?
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Are you putting in the same amount of effort?

He’s worth it if...you’re both putting in the same level of effort

We’ve said it time and again – long distance relationships take effort. All relationships require nurturing, but a long distance relationship needs extra special care.

It’s hard enough reading your partner’s feelings when they’re stood next to you, but when you’re talking over the phone and there are hundreds of miles between you that process becomes a lot harder.

That’s why it’s essential you’re both putting in the same amount of effort into your long-distance relationship. If he’s not picking up the phone when you expect him to, not visiting on the weekends he said he would or avoids talking about how he feels, then you’re not in an equal relationship.

That’s when trust becomes eroded and you need to really consider whether his heart is in it. There’s no point you putting your all into something when it’s not going to be reciprocated.

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